Top 10 Best Fort Knox Pb1 Picks For 2022

Top 10 Best Fort Knox Pb1 Picks For 2022

Looking for the best fort knox pb1? Well then, look no further as your search landed you in the right place. Thank us later for saving your time scouring thousands of articles online to look for the best product.

There is absolutely no reason to fret over which product to choose from the wide array of products. Our team has carefully curated this article weighing all the pros and cons. So what are you waiting for? Check it out!

10 Best fort knox pb1 in Reviews

1. FORT KNOX Original Pistol Box Front Sight 2 Day Defensive Handgun Training (Factory Direct)

Features :

  • Dimensions: 4-1/4″h (5-1/4″h with buttons and knob) x 12-1/2″w x 10-3/8″d
  • 10 gauge steel uni-body construction with a massive 3/16″ tamper-resistant wraparound door
  • Gas-strut-assisted heavyweight door
  • Fast opening pushbutton Simplex mechanical locking device
  • Made in USA with a Lifetime Warranty

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 4.5
Width 10.37
Length 12.5
Weight 22

2. MAXSafes Gun Safe with Super Biometric Finger Vein Recognition Lock, Quick-Access Fingerprint Pistol Safe Box for Multiple Handguns & Ammo, Auto-Open Lid Safety Device for 2 Guns, CA DOJ Certified

Features :

  • VEIN RECOGNITION Biometric gun safe features an ADVANCED finger vein RECOGNITION scanner for RELIABLE AND ACCURATE protection, which CAN NEVER be copied and is impossible to fabricate. Finger Vein Recognition is also ACKNOWLEGDES sweaty fingers, wet fingers, oily fingers, fingers with skin damage or even fingers with no fingerprint
  • THE MAXSafes Pistol Safe can securely hold 2 full-size handguns, magazine(s), passport, cash, and is easily mountable to a nightstand, desk, or INSIDE vehicles. EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 13” x 10.6” x 4.0”. INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 12.2” x 8.3” x 3.3″
  • OUR Handgun safe is constructed with a HEAVY 14 gauge carbon steel housing and a ROBUST 14 gauge pry resistant door for strength and security. IT INCORPORATES A reliable high-strength locking mechanism, and precise fittings that are virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools. California DOJ certified
  • QUICK YET SECURE ACCESS to your valuables and documents IS ASSURED from the auto open lid. FAST ACCESS when it matters most using the high resolution VEIN RECOGNITION BIOMETRIC can store 50 SETS OF finger vein IDs

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 3.74
Width 10.83
Length 13.12
Weight 13.56

3. VAULTEK LifePod 2.0 Secure Waterproof Travel Case Rugged Electronic Lock Box Travel Organizer Portable Handgun Case with Backlit Keypad (Covert Black)

Features :

  • More refined, FULL-SIZE CAPABILITY, and upgraded layered storage. Building on the successful LifePod platform, LifePod 2.0 can store a full-size handgun up to 9.25” long, features a removable interior tray for stackable storage, and a convenient interior LED light.
  • TWO LAYERS OF STORAGE. Removable Interior Tray provides an extra layer of storage and features a series of slots for attaching belongings and EDC gear. INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 9.625” x 7.25” x 2.125”
  • BUILT-IN LOCK SYSTEM uses precision engineered safe technology and anti-impact latch design. LifePod 2.0 can be unlocked using the touch sensitive LED backlit keypad or backup manual keys. To lock LifePod simply press and hold the lock pad to engage the internal locking mechanism. An optional anti-picking feature can be enabled to prevent picking of the front keyway.
  • DESIGNED TO PERFORM. Advanced non-metal polymer construction is engineered to be LIGHTWEIGHT with SUPERIOR STRENGTH and DROP TESTED to be the ultimate rugged lockbox. Side compression latches and inner rubber gasket seal off the interior from environmental factors. LifePod is weather resistant, airtight, dust proof, floats, and is TSA complaint.
  • Powered by a 9V alkaline battery (not included) with a battery life of up to one year under normal use. LIFEPODS CAN ALSO BE USED WITHOUT A BATTERY and still function as a water resistant case. The front rubber keyhole cover disguises a hidden micro-USB port to power the unit in case of a dead battery.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 2.88
Width 8.5
Length 12.25

4. BILLCONCH Smart Gun Safe – Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols with Fingerprint/Full-digital Keypad/Key/Smartphone Lock, Quick-Access Pistol Safe for Beside Nightstand Handgun Safe with LCD/Voice Guide

Features :

  • 【Voice Guide and Smart Phone Control】: This smartphone connectable featured handgun safe can be unlocked by smartphones. It can also manage fingerprints and passwords, and check unlock records. Voice guide and LCD display enables users to easily set up and operate this biometric safe. Silent mode can also be switched to by preference
  • 【4 Ways Access Biometric Gun Safe】 : This fingerprint handgun safe can be quickly accessed via Fingerprint/PIN/Smartphone/Key. It is ideal for pistols, cash and other valuables. High Definition fingerprint scanner and smartphone connection feature combines robust security with quick and easy access, makes it secure and user-friendly
  • 【Portable Spacious Capacity】: This fingerprint gun safe can easily store 3 pistols in small and medium-size or 4 pistols in small size or other precious items such as jewelry. The compact size is also ideal for putting it in a car, drawer, on a bedside table, etc. Gun safe nightstand Easy to carry, keeps your gun away from children, and protects your family and yourself anytime, anywhere.
  • 【Heavy Duty Materials】: The biometric pistol safe had Robust hard carbon steel shell, built-in strong steel spring with thick powder coating. Built-in automatic LED lighting allows users to easily access the safe handgun in darkness
  • 【Considerate Details】: The biometric pistol safe built-in Padded foam protects the valuables. Security cable can be fixed around a object, which protecting from others to take your valuables away.

Additional Info :

Color Metal Black
Item Dimensions
Height 3.2
Width 9.8
Length 13.3
Weight 8.38

5. Biometric Handgun Safe, Quick Access Fingerprint Multifunction Pistol Safe with Pop-Open Door and Removable Interior Shelf, Hand Gun Safe Firearm Case Box – Biometric/Keypad/Key Access,Silent Mode

Features :

  • 【QUICK ACCESS Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols】 QUICK ACCESS to your gun safe and valuables, documents, and firearm(s) from the Pop-Open door. Get in quick when it matters most using the rapid backlit keypad, spare key or biometric fingerprint scanner.
  • 【TOUGH AND RUGGED steel construction】 The large handgun safe is made of reinforced solid steel wall construction. Built-in hinges and reliable high-strength locking mechanism for the maximum prevention against break-ins. Durable powder coating finish preventing corrosion and ensure long-term protection of your belongings for years to come.Pre-drilled holes and included hardware for mounting.
  • 【3 Access Ways,SILENT MODE】This gun safe can hold up to 20 individual fingerprints which can be accessed within 1 second,a simple touch is all it takes.Electronic four-key pad enables you to create your own programmable 3-8 digit password.2 keys offer a backup option access way if the batteries are dead. You can also set the silent mode. It is important function when you want to use the safe without distubing others.
  • 【Removable Shelf】The protective foam-padded interior can prevent your gun or other valuables from damages and scratches; Removable interior shelf will make more flexible storage space for your handguns & ammunition or other valuables.
  • 【Reasonable Size & Weight, 2 Year Warranty】Exterior Dimensions : 10″ x 12″ x 7.9″, Interior Dimensions 9.4″ x 10.6″ x 6.3″,Weight : 14 pounds.If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact us, we’ll be glad to help you.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 12
Width 7.9
Length 10
Weight 14

6. Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols, Quick Access Handgun Safe for Home, Fingerprint Hand Gun Safe Firearm Case Box – Upgraded Biometric/Keypad/Key Access,Silent Mode (Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe)

Features :

  • ✅【QUICK ACCESS Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols】 QUICK ACCESS to your gun safe and valuables, documents, and firearm(s) from the automatic opening door. Get in quick when it matters most using the rapid backlit keypad, spare key or biometric fingerprint scanner
  • ✅【TOUGH AND RUGGED steel construction, Metal Lock System | Security Cable Included】 The heavy-duty handgun safe is made of reinforced solid steel wall construction. Built-in hinges and a new internal safety bracket for the maximum prevention against break-ins. Durable powder coating finish preventing corrosion avoid being destroyed and ensure long-term protection of your belongings for years to come. The metal gun safe pistol safe keeps you and your family away from firearms and protecting your belongings all the time.
  • ✅【INSTANT Biometric / PIN Code ACCESS and Backup Key Included】For extra-fast within 0.5 seconds access, a simple touch (of a pre-determined fingerprint) is all it takes. This gun safe can hold up to 20 individual fingerprints. The fingerprints and code are still usable after the batteries are changed. INSTANT ACCESS to your valuables, documents, and firearms from the automatic opening door. Get in quick when it matters most using the fingerpirnt.
  • ✅【Backlit Keypad, LED light and SILENT MODE】 In low light situations so you can locate your pistol safe with the backlit keypad quickly. You can also set the silent mode. It is important function when you have introducer at night or you want to use the safe without distubing others.
  • ✅【12.5 Pounds NET WEIGHT | LARGE CAPACITY | ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION】Interior Dimensions 12″ x 7.9″ x 2.9″, Exterior Dimensions : 13.4″ x 11″ x 3.3″, . Deluxe quick-access firearm safe for 2 handguns or 1 handgun and some magnizines. Pre-drilled holes and hardware included for floor-mounting.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 3.3
Width 13.8
Length 11

7. Biometric Pistol Safe, Gun Safes for 2 PISTOLS, QUICK-ACCESS Handgun Safe with Fingerprint/Password/Key Access, LED, Mute Mode, Ideal for Small Drawer, Nook, Nightstand, Office, Backpack or Car

Features :

  • 【GUN SAFETY & TWO GUN CAPACITY】If you have young children who don’t understand the potential danger of guns or want to keep your guns unaccessible while unsupervised, This gun safe will be a good choice for you. Also, it has enough space for two smaller caliber handguns or a larger caliber handgun plus spare magazine or ammo.
  • 【QUICK ACCESS & ADVANCED】Poloma handgun safe has a high resolution fingerprint scanner which allows you Quick-access your contents. Quick-access gun safe can bring more time when you are in danger. After years of design and analysis study to safes, our company has the industry leading core technology, in which case the safe we produce not only has LONGEVITY but also EASY TO SET UP.
  • 【DURABLE & PORTABLE】This pistol safe is made of strong steel structure, which is durable as well as corrosion-resistant, and the lid is also pry-proof. In addition, the ergonomic structural design makes it portable and ideal for Small Drawer, Nook, Nightstand, Office, Backpack or Car.
  • 【MULTIFUNCTIONAL】Three ways access with the Biometric fingerprint & Keypad & Manual keys. Besides, it has LED lighting as well as mute mode. The standby time is about 1 year with 4 new AA alkaline batteries, which are included in the package.
  • 【AFTER-SALES SUPPORT】1 year warranty. If you have any concerns, please contact us. We will be very happy to help you, 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 3.3
Width 10.8
Length 14.2

8. awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification and Biometric Lock

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 9.7
Width 4
Length 4

9. KAPUCI Upgrade Biometric Touchscreen Fingerprint Gun Safe,Quick-Access 8 Digits Password Multiple Pistol Safes for Handguns

Features :

  • Keep Curiosity & Keep Child away from Danger:It is the parents’ greatest wish to let the child grow up healthily. Don’t put dangerous items (guns, drugs, etc.) in a place where the child can easily get it. Please put them in the gun safe.
  • Sturdy & Security:The Kapuci gun safe is made of reinforced solid carbon steel and use Integrated electric buckle three-proof lock.These designs keep the internal items in a safe space and will not be easily taken out
  • Better User Experience: In daily use, we provide two opening methods: password and biometric fingerprint, equipped with the latest biometric fingerprint identification system and 10-digit touchscreen password, which greatly reduces the probability of the gun cabinet being opened by mistake. The enhanced gas strut makes it easier and faster for you to access items
  • Piece of Mind Storage:Don’t worry about can’t take out the internal items. We fully consider the special circumstances that may occur during use: the universal Type-C interface allows you to avoid Worrying that the gun cabinet cannot be opened after the battery is dead, the emergency key can open the gun cabinet mechanically when there is a problem with the electronic circuit. We provide two fixing methods: screw fixing and steel cable fixing to meet a variety of fixing scenarios.
  • High-quality Storage: The internal space is sufficient for daily storage needs, There is a 15cm foam inside to better protect items. The internal led light allows you to get exactly what you want even in a dark environment.If you have any questions and difficulties, please contact us in time, we will give you a satisfactory result.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 3.3
Width 10.2
Length 13.4
Weight 9.6

10. SOULYI Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe for 4 Pistols Safe DOJ Certified with 3 Quick Access Handgun Safe,Digital Keypad Frosted Black Bedside Firearm Safety Car Safe Hardened Steel Lock Box

Features :

  • 【DOJ Certified, Not All Safe Can Pass】: The safety of users is our eternal pursuit. SOULYI gun safe meets the most rigid safety standards. All tests, picking or manipulating, forced removal inspection, tensile, shock, plug pulling, plug torque, sawing and drop, are approved by California Department of Justice. The DOJ certification tells you that it truly will protect you and your family all the time
  • 【Whole Body Pry-Resistant】: The lid edge slightly larger than the interior box edge, for overlapping perfectly without gap. Interior V-shaped plate of the box body bottom overlapping with lid completely prevents tool penetrating. It’s impossible to pry open with hand tools and pistols. It provides secure storage for three standard handguns or one larger pistol and extra ammunition. It Keeps your guns in a reliable rapid pistol safe to prevent gun theft
  • 【Unbreakable Construction】: Besides the thickest solid steel material (box 1.5mm low carbon steel, door sheet 3mm), the rugged stamping surface enhanced toughness to fight most of violent attack or crowbar impact. The reinforcing steeling of the two sides of SOULYI handgun safe also makes the lockbox stronger. Loop the high strength steel security cable around a solid object to fix it. It is great safety assistant during your car travel
  • 【3 Quiet Ways and Quick Access】: Unlock the Swiss upgraded biometric gun safe by registered fingerprint within 0.1 seconds,100 fingerprints capacity. You can set a 3~8 digits password with an electronic keyboard. Separate switches for light OFF and sound OFF help to conceal in the dark to ensure your safety in danger and emergency, and to save power; two spare keys allow you to unlock the vehicle pistol safe traditionally
  • 【Hide Guns Anywhere】: The compact size makes Soulyi gun safe for pistol easy to place in a regular office, bedroom, basement, closet or under car seats, bedside, drawers, in spare tire wells, and other locations. It keeps your guns away from kids, easy to carry to protect your family and yourself anytime anywhere
  • 【Customer Service】If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible. We definitely will do our best to deal with it.

Additional Info :

Color Frosted Black
Item Dimensions
Height 3.2
Width 10.6
Length 14.1
Weight 14

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Old Customer Reviews

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