Top 10 Best Currie Ezip Scooter Reviews In 2022

Top 10 Best Currie Ezip Scooter Reviews In 2022

Are you searching for the best currie ezip scooter? Confused with too many options? If that is your situation, you have come to the right place. This is your ultimate guide to buying the currie ezip scooter.

We understand how much of a hassle it can be to go through thousands of reviews when you have too many options. So, leave all your worries, check out this ultimate guide, and make a hassle-free purchase decision.

10 Best currie ezip scooter Reviews in 2022

1. Currie 24v, 5-pin Twist Throttle

Features :

  • Works with most Currie, Schwinn, Izip and Ezip 24 Volt Electric Scooters
  • Works with: Schwinn S400, S500, S750 Electric Scooters
  • Works with: Ezip E400, E500, E750, E900 Electric Scooters
  • Twist Throttle with LED for 24 Volt Electric Scooters

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2.1
Width 5.7
Length 7.5
Weight 0.3

2. Currie 36 Volt 30 Amp Controller – with 5 Pin Throttle Connector for Schwinn S1000, S750, Ezip E1000 & Izip i1000 Electric Scooters. High Performance Control Module for 1000 Watt Motor, Model: XK-022D

Features :

  • High Performance – Currie 36 Volt 30 Amp Controller with 5-pin Throttle Connection
  • Compatible With – Schwinn S1000, S750, Ezip E1000 & Izip I1000 & i750 36 Volt Scooters
  • Powerful High Amperage / Torque – 36 Volt Control Module with 5 Pin Throttle Connector
  • Perfect Match Part – 600 Watt, 750 Watt, 900 Watt and 1000 Watt DC Brush Motors
  • Waterproof, Low Voltage and Brake Inhibit – Under Voltage Protection (Low Voltage Cut-Off) and Optional Power Cut Off During Braking

3. 36 Volt Twist Throttle – for Currie Scooter with 5 Pin Connector for Schwinn S1000, S750, Ezip E1000 & Izip i1000 Electric Scooters

Features :

  • 36 Volt Twist Grip Throttle with 5-Pin Connector – for Many 36 Volt Currie Electric Scooters
  • Compatible With – Schwinn S1000, S750, Ezip E1000 & Izip I1000 & i750 36 Volt Scooters.
  • 5 Wire Full Twist Throttle – 36 Volt 600 Watt, 750 Watt, 900 Watt and 1000 Watt DC Brush Motors.
  • Quality You Can Count On – Premium, Reliable and Dependable 36 Volt Controller
  • Identical Replacement Part – Perfect Match When Used With a 36V Currie Controller XK-022D

4. 24V Currie Technologies 24-Volt 10-Amp Scooter SLA Battery Replacement Pack for use with eZip E-400, E-450, and E-500, iZip IZ-300, and Schwinn SW-400 and SW-500 Series Scooters Beiter DC Power

Features :

  • Genuine Beiter DC Power Battery – One of the Most Trusted and Highest Reviewed Sealed Lead Acid Batteries on Amazon
  • Battery Type – 20 Hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • Ease Of Mind -All Our Batteries Are MAINTENANCE FREE and VALVE REGULATED
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION – The High Impact Resistant Battery Case Is Made Up of a Non-Conductive ABS Plastic. This Material Has a Strong Resistance to Shock, Vibration, Chemicals and Heat.
  • A Very Fine Fiberglass Mat. This Along with The Valve Regulated, Spill-Proof Design of Our Batteries Allows Trouble-Free, Safe Operation in Any Orientation

5. AlveyTech Currie 24 Volt 30A 5-Pin Controller for Series 500, 650, 750 (24 Volt Versions), & 900 eZip, IZIP, Mongoose, & Schwinn Scooters

Features :

  • This scooter controller is compatible with your version of Currie scooter only if your current controller has the identical connectors as shown in the picture and described below.
  • The 24 Volt 30 Amp 5-pin throttle connector diagnostic controller is an exclusive Currie Technologies design, with Currie’s PWM Smart Power Microprocessor. The controller is fully waterproof, with brake inhibit power cut off.
  • Controller comes with the connectors pre-installed. Note that one of the connectors has five pins, this is the throttle connector. Not compatible with 3-pin or 6-pin versions.
  • For Currie’s bigger motor scooters.

Additional Info :

6. 12.5 x 2.25 (12-1/2 x2-1/4) Tire & Inner Tube Set for Razor Pocket Mod (Bella, Betty, Bistro, Daisy, Hannah, Sweet Pea), Currie, Schwinn, GT, IZIP, eZip, MX125 Dirt Rocket – Gas & Electric Scooters

Features :

  • 12-1/2″ x 2-1/4″ tire and inner tube set works with Razor Pocket Mod scooters: Bella, Betty, Bistro, Daisy, Hannah, Sweet Pea, Blossom, Chrissy, Kiki, Vapor electric scooters and other scooter brands: Currie, Schwinn, GT, IZIP, eZip, X-Treme, Razor MX125 Dirt Rocket, Jetson Bolt folding electric bicycle , and more
  • Fits most scooters that uses a standard 12-1/2″ x 2-1/4″ or 57-203/62-203 tire
  • Heavy duty inner tube with TR13 Straight valve stem
  • This inner tube is made of isobutylene isoprene rubber, which is better in air tightness, elastic damping and aging resistance than natural rubber
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Before installing, check to see if the inner tubes are completely sealed by putting them in water, if there are any bubbles, they are already damaged. Please let us know, We will provide 100% refund or Free replacement to you soon

Additional Info :

Color 2Pcs, 12.5 x 2.25 Tire & Inner Tube
Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 12
Length 12

7. On Off Switch for Razor MX500 MX650 – KCD2 On/Off Power Switch 4-Prong for Razor MX350, Razor Dirt Quad, Razor Pocket Mod, Currie, Ezip, Razor Scooters, Electric Bicycles, Gas Scooters, Ride On Toys

Features :

  • PREMIUM E-SCOOTER ON / OFF SWITCH – for Razor Scooters – On/Off Switch for Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket, MX650, MX350, Dirt Quad, Pocket Mod Electric Scooters
  • PERFECT FIT + EASY INSTALLATION – for Currie Technologies, Ezip and Izip Electric Scooter On/Off Switch
  • MULTI USE – This Power On-Off Switch is a Heavy Duty Toggle Switch for many uses.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1.5
Width 2
Length 8
Weight 0.05

8. CNCMOTOK 2pcs 12.5 x 2.5, 12.5×2.75 Inner Tube for Razor Dirt Pocket MX350 MX400 X-Treme X-560 EZip E-500 E-750 E-900 E-1000 Currie Heavy Duty Scooter Inner Tube Straight Valve 12-1/2″ x 2-1/4″

Features :

  • Will fit tire size 12.5×2.75, 12.5×2.5, 12.5×3 Compatible with Razor Dirt Rocket MX350 MX400
  • Easy install and Compatible with many mobility scooters, Chinese electric scooters, Currie scooters, gas scooters and other applications with same tire size Such as Baby Strollers – Bugaboo, Mountain Buggy, Graco, Baby Trend, Bob Revolution – Schwinn Scooters – Stealth S1000, ST1000, S750, S500, S350 – Freedom – 942 943 946 959 – GT -GT350, GT500 – HCF Pacelite – HCF 707 – iZip – i650, i750 – Mongoose – M350, M500, Z350,Schwinn, GT, IZIP, eZip, X-Treme, HCF.
  • Our inflatable inner tube 12.5 x 2.5 / 2.75 (also known as 12″ tube) Razor replacement with straight stem, not only for Razor Pocket Mod electric scooters (steam, Betty, Daisy, sweet peas, small Pub, Mint, Montana), but also heavy – stab-resistant, provides long-term reliability for your strollers, scooters and bicycle wheels.
  • High puncture resistance, extra secure welded seams . Brand new isobutylene isoprene rubber inner tube, NOT recap, this inner tube is made of isobutylene isoprene rubber, which is better in air tightness, elastic damping and aging resistance than natural rubber.
  • Add 2 caps and valve core wrench for free!

Additional Info :

Color black

9. New 12.5-2.75 Inner Tube (2pcs) for Razor MX350, MX400, X-Treme, Currie, Ezip – 12″ Baby Stroller – Heavy Duty Replacement Electric Scooter Tire Tubes Straight Valve 12-1/2 x 2-3/4

Features :

  • Fits the popular razor dirt bike MX350 & MX400 and mini bike, pocket bikes
  • EASY INSTALL + PERFECT FIT for most 12″ Scooter, Stroller and Bicycle Wheels (12.5 x 2.50 / 12.5 x 2.75 / 12.5 x 3.00). Perfect fit on Mobility Scooters, Baby Strollers – Bugaboo, Mountain Buggy, Graco, Baby Trend, Bob Revolution – Schwinn Scooters – Stealth S1000, ST1000, S750, S500, S350 – Freedom – 942 943 946 959 – GT -GT350, GT500 – HCF Pacelite – HCF 707 – iZip – i650, i750 – Mongoose – M350, M500, Z350.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY 12.5 X 2.5 / 2.75 / 3.00 Inner Tube – 12″ Tube for Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket, MX400, Baby Stroller Wheels, X-Treme X-560, Currie Technologies, Ezip E1000, E900, E750, E500 – 12″ Tube with Straight Valve for 12″ Electric Scooter Front and Rear Wheel Tires. Razor Part #W15128040076 – Currie Scooter Part # WH-421.
  • Package includes: 12.5 – 2.75 Inner Tube (2PCS) (You will receive what you see in the pictures)

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1.8
Width 2.6
Length 3.2

10. 24 Volt 30 Amp Controller – with 5 Pin Throttle Connector for Currie – Schwinn S500 – Ezip E400 / E500 / E750 and Ezip E900. High Performance 24V Control Module for 500-750 Watt Motor Model: XK-022C

Features :

  • 24 Volt 30 Amp 5-Pin Waterproof Electronic Speed Controller for Currie Scooters. This controller will ONLY work with a 24 Volt Electric Scooter.
  • Check Your Existing Throttle – This Control Module Requires a Matching 5pin Throttle
  • Compatible With – Schwinn S500, S650, S750 (24 Volt with a matching 5pin Throttle)
  • Compatible With – Ezip E400, E500, E750, E900 Electric Scooters
  • Please Review The Wiring Diagram Photo – Take a Look at our Wiring Diagram for this 24 Volt Electric Scooter Control Module.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1.4
Width 2.5
Length 6.3
Weight 0.5

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying the currie ezip scooter

As you already know, research is essential before making any purchase. So, there are some factors you should consider before starting your research. This is important so that you can make your entire buying process as hassle-free as possible.

Remember, your time has as much value as your money. So, there are a few things you should determine which will affect your research as well.

There are a few questions you should ask yourself to determine your course of research on the currie ezip scooter:

  • Is this currie ezip scooter serving the purpose of purchase? What are your expectations from the product?
  • What functions must the currie ezip scooter have? Are there any specific functions that you are seeking in the product?
  • Is there a specific budget, or is the budget flexible?
  • Will the currie ezip scooter require maintenance and upkeep costs?
  • Are you looking to buy the currie ezip scooter online or offline? What will be the best places to purchase the product?
  • Where will you seek reliable information on the currie ezip scooter?

Having multiple options from various brands can get confusing, so ask yourself these questions to narrow down your research.

Once you determine your expectations from the currie ezip scooter and your price range, you decide which ones you must research. The research will help you determine the pros and cons. But before that, where will you get the reliable information to conduct your research?

Sources for Research

It’s 2022, and your best sources for information and research can be found online. Any currie ezip scooter and you will find the best selling online marketplaces available. Visit any or each of them to learn about the specifications and prices given on your currie ezip scooter.

You will be able to find the best deals out of all the options. You can also watch some YouTube videos on the product to see for yourself the functionality of the currie ezip scooter.

Advantages of Buying Products from Online Sites

Online sites provide a variety of benefits that make your selection and buying process easier. Here are some of the advantages of buying products from online sites:

Best Prices

Reliable online sites give you the benefit of comparing prices and finding the best deals. Platforms like work with manufacturers directly to provide better deals. And the coupons and occasional discounts add to it.

There are no intermediaries in between to make the buying process easy. And the best part? No trouble of going to the shop.


Renowned online sites like Newegg, Online, Walmart have branches all over the country. Their transaction and delivery policies are reliable compared to other e-commerce platforms.

Huge Selection

More Variety – the best part about online shopping platforms. These sites give you access to a vast variety of options to choose from.

Suppose you go to Search currie ezip scooter and up comes options of the product in different prices, brands, and specs. You get to browse these options from the comfort of your home and save time.

You can choose the one that fits your need from your preferred seller. Yes, online platforms even give you the option to choose your seller.


These online sites have numerous customer reviews of the products shown. So, you know which product is authentic and which seller is authorized. And for these facilities provided, they are trustworthy and credible.

Other additional benefits of shopping from online sites would be the facility of easy return and record of the purchase. Online sites are constantly making changes to make shopping easy and hassle-free from the comfort of our homes.

How to Select the currie ezip scooter

Making your final decision can pose to be a challenge. But worry not. We have a few suggestions to make your selection process easier.

Before that, we would recommend you opt for sites like Online, Walmart, Newegg, and Best Buy for your purchase.

So the factors you should consider while selecting your currie ezip scooter would be:


Hop on to any of these sites and search the options you have shortlisted. Then compare the prices and look for discounts. Don’t forget to factor in shipping charges as well.

Once you get the best favorable deal, you can opt for the currie ezip scooterto match your need.


Price and brand are somewhat interrelated. Usually, high-end brands charge more. But higher price does not mean a better choice.

So, opt for the brand that meets your need the best.


Factor in the functionality of the product as it is very crucial. Check if the specs meet your need. Consider buying the one that will last in the longer run.

Understand the currie ezip scooter specs and functionality to determine its use for you.

Customer Reviews

As we mentioned before, online sites usually have a review section. This section is filled with customer feedbacks and even pictures of the product.

Browsing through these reviews is the smartest thing to do. These reviews allow you to comprehend how the product will work for you. You can even determine the pros and cons of these reviews.

Check the rating on the website to learn if the seller is delivering the currie ezip scooter as expected by the other buyers.

Final Words

All these factors will contribute to choosing your best currie ezip scooter that meets your expectations. So, use your time efficiently.

And that is all for the ultimate guide to buying the currie ezip scooter. We hope you can make your purchase confidently. Happy Shopping!

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